This is a list of Classified Script features, if you still have questions about the script after going through it or if you don't see something on here, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support.


  • Auto Delete Expired Listings
  • Image Upload with thumbnail creation
  • Unlimited Number of extra fields
  • Enhanced options like bold, featured, highlighted.
  • Included plugins to show listings on home page.
  • Contact the owner with email or private message.
  • Add listing to your favorites
  • Search all listings by keywords, extra fields, or by categories.
  • RSS Feeds for listings. Can pass parameters to change what is included.
  • Printer Friendly view
  • Counts the number of views for each listing plus the number of views from the category and search page.

Site Settings

  • Change Site Title, Keywords and Description
  • Enable/Disable WYSIWYG Editor for ad posting
  • Change site Logo
  • Active/Inactivate Ads auto Approval
  • User Registration Required or not with option Yes/NO
  • Notifier: A HTML or plain text message appear on home page after defined seconds, You can use this option for option form or any message for visitors. If you leave it blank, no message will appear for visitors.
  • Google Analytics: Simply Put good analytics code or any other code for tracking.
  • Google Map Key: You can have map on site for each listing.

Category Extra Fields

  • These are not just extra fields, it can play very important role in your site, there you each category can have different fields for ads.
  • You can have property, automotive, personals, employment categories and more, all in one. For example for autos, You want fields, Model, Kilometers, Body Type etc. and for Real Estate You want fields, Bedroom, Amenities etc.. When user click on specific field to post ad, fields will display accordingly.
  • Unlimited number of extra fields can be created.
  • Includes Text fields, multi line fields, combo boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons.

Site Themes/Design

  • You can change design for your site with single click. You can also request us for custom design.

Listing settings

  • In this section you control Number of listing display for each page that include Home Page New ads, Category Page, Sponsored ads on home page, Sponsored ads on Category Page.
  • Here You can also define view of listing in Gallery or List View.


  • Manage all aspects of your users.
  • Private Message System
  • Powerful user notes system.

Google adsense and Banners

  • Here You Simply put Google Adsense code or any affiliate and static banner code to display on different position in site.

Multi City features

  • You can create the classified ads site for any cities (or states, countries).
  • Your visitors will be able to see ads only from own city (which they will choose).
  • Script includes data for tens of countries, hundreds of regions and states, thousands of cities.

Selling Features

  • Unlimited number of packages
  • Assign packages to certain user groups.
  • Set the number of days a listing will run.
  • Include the price for the package.
  • Paypal Payment installed.


  • Add unlimited categories and sub categories
  • You can also put here Top and left banner for each category. If you leave it blank then default banner will display that you may define in Banner section.
  • If you want to charge for specific category for ad posting, here you can define price for that category
  • You can control category Order to display on front side and can have icon with category name.
  • Insert title, keywords, and description


  • Edit almost all aspects of your site
  • Turn the site on or off
  • Unlimited Number of administrators
  • Listing Management
  • User Management
  • Easy Template or design change.
  • Sales stats
  • Emails when new listings are placed.
  • Emails when new user register
  • + lots and lots of settings you can change

Every license comes with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

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